Heal yourself with the efficient and side-effect free medium – basantkusumakar ras

ayurveda. 1Do you know any medicine which can cure your disease without side effects? No, I am not kidding this is true that we have a treatment which can cure diseases without any side effect. The name of that treatment is Ayurveda. This treatment has been among us for more than 2500 years. There are many people who are aware of this treatment but never used due to the unavailability of ayurvedic medicines. But now you can buy any ayurvedic medicine online easily. There are many ayurvedic medicines which can cure your health woes easily and the name of the remedy is basantkusumakar ras.

Basantkusumakar RasI will tell you that how you can heal yourself with the efficient and side-effect free medium- basantkusumakar ras. This medicine is made of herbs and minerals. This is the reasons behind its effectiveness. Actually, there are many reasons behind its effectiveness and what are those health benefits of basantkusumakar ras, you can read ahead.  You can also buy natural herbs online in the best quality and in affordable price.

Health Benefits of Basantkusumakar Ras

As I mentioned above that the health benefits of basantkusumakar ras are several so here are some of them.

Diabetes-Types-Maintains blood glucose levels- according to studies, diabetes is one of the most common problems in the United States. Diabetes can affect anyone from children to old age people. Studies show that this is the common problem so logically there should be a cure for this, right? But, we don’t have, there is no cure for diabetes. With some medicines, you can maintain your blood glucose levels easily and basantkusumakar ras is one of them. When it comes to maintaining the levels of blood glucose, basantkusumakar ras is becoming the first choice in these days.

There are two types of diabetes type1 and type2 and basantkusumakar ras can work in both the conditions precisely. You might be wondering that how this medicine can reduce the blood glucose levels better than allopathic medicines, right? Well, it contains haldi and it has an active compound “curcumin” which can reduce the blood glucose levels easily.

strong bonesIncrease physical strength- Physical strength is important for us whether we want it to be or not. Some people do many efforts to stay healthy but they fail. If you are one of those people who are tired of getting nothing even after doing many efforts, basantkusumakar ras is the perfect solution for you all. It provides strength to the body and does not increase fatness in the body.

gain weightHelps to gain weight- In some cases, the diabetic patient loses his/ her weight and if you are one of those, this medicine can be a best friend on that way. But, this medicine can help you to put weight, if you are suffering from unintentional weight loss due to diabetes.

These are some health benefits of basantkusumakar ras. Do you know why this medicine is so potent to cure these types of diseases efficiently? The ingredients of this medicine make this more potent and constructive.


  • Praval Pishti
  • Moti Pishtiingredients common
  • Abhrak bhasma
  • Ras Sindoor
  • Swarna bhasma
  • Raupya bhasma
  • Loha bhasma
  • Naga bhasma
  • Vanga bhasma

ayurveda boonThese are the ingredients of this magical medicine and because of which this medicine becomes more popular to cure these types of health woes. There is one more reason behind its effectiveness and that is Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the trusted treatment method which has been used since ancient times.

Ayurvedic medicines have the potential to cure disease from its roots. Ayurveda for health is the best way to stay healthy. But there are some points that you should keep in your mind when it comes to consuming ayurvedic medicines. The first point is its doses.


dosage of 500mgAs per the studies, the safe dose of this medicine is 500mg in a day with honey or milk. Although, this is safe still there are some other points which you have to take care of. Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies can’t consume this medicine. Studies show that the people, who have kidney diseases, can get side effects because this medicine contains heavy metals which can create complications in the condition of the patient who has kidney related problems. These are the points which you have to take care of and other than these there is nothing to be worried.


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