honey can help in weight management

Honey and Weight Management

Today obesity is one of the major health concern that the world facing today. In an inference perusal that comprises 188 countries found that almost 2.1 billion people are suffered with obesity or overweight, According to TREND DATA. Almost 1/3rd of the world population are suffering from obesity. It is like epidemic that is elaborating across the globe at an alarming rate. The USA has 13 percent obese people of the world population, a greater % than any other country.  cropped-honey-for-herpes.jpgThis number is likely to rise up in upcoming decades.

We all know the power feature of honey. It can be used for medicine purpose, to beautify yourself, skin caring but none of you be aware of the fact that what a honey can do when it comes to getting rid of obesity, honey can play a vital role to overcome it. According to a recent study it’s been discovered that most of the honey benefits are for fatty people. Honey can help you if you want your overweight status to be gone. It is a replacement option for those who can’t eat white sugar that adds extra weight. White sugar mainly comprises glucose and fructose that are linked together and to digest it our digestive system has to take an extra step to digest these ingredients, on the other hand honey also comprises glucose and fructose but they are not linked together resulting in easy and better digestion of these ingredients, moreover honey contains vitamin, zinc, calcium, minerals, copper etc. that helps our digestion system as well as metabolism to be better. Honey is a natural sweetener that contains tons of amino acids along with easily digestible glucose and fructose that helps inhibit obesity. In order to increase your metabolism, in morning first thing you can do is to take a glass of lemon juice add a teaspoon of honey in it and have it into your stomach. Honey helps increase your metabolism.

abdominal obesityLet me tell you what happens when it comes to digest sugar. When eat sugar, our digestive system has to do hard work to digest it and in order to digest sugar it consumes vitamins and minerals that are essential ingredient to burn fat. When these ingredients are utilized by our digestive system to digest sugar, our fat starts increasing in lack of these fat born ingredients. As you know honey comprises sugar as well but it doesn’t need any extra step to be digested. It doesn’t require vitamins and minerals to digest itself. In order to overcome from obesity honey itself can’t help you to get rid of obesity if you keep consuming junk foods, if you take possession of unhealthy lifestyle like restraining yourself into a small room playing indoor games, not going for a morning walk. So if you want your obesity to be gone, you have to take a step ahead, just come out of your comfort zone, sweat yourself and enjoy your fatless life.


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