All honeys have some antibiotic properties, but manuka honey is incredibly special. Manuka honey is thought to be an even stronger infection fighter, as suggested by some research studies. You know honey very well and also might have used the same for one or the other purpose. But, what is manuka honey? There are many varieties of manuka honey being sold online as well as offline, but do you really need it? Is it really different from normal honey? If yes, then how? We will today tell you everything about this honey gaining attention because of the amazing medicinal properties it carries. All the information provided here is backed by some research reports and scientific evidences and hence it is easy for you to trust the product. Because by just claiming that manuka honey is healthy, we cannot expect you to use it, we will try to introduce you to several proven benefits of manuka honey.  But, in order to understand all those manuka honey benefits, you should also know what it is and how it is different from all other types of honeys.

file-20170912-3875-hr07v0Manuka honey is made in both New Zealand and Australia, and comes from pollen collected from a single flowering plant. Because manuka honey is prepared by bees feeding on a special plant, its medicinal value is also expected to be very high. Today, the current and growing crisis of antibiotic resistance has revived interest in the use of all herbal products including honey. Even scientists are researching about the product and are trying to see how it can be used for healing purposes. “Therapeutic Manuka Honey: No Longer So Alternative” published in Frontiers of Microbiology is one such study where various benefits of manuka honey are discussed in detail. Here after examining several studies and experiments conducted in past, it was clear that even low concentrations of manuka honey killed bacterial pathogens. Another example of research that influences our opinion about manuka honey is “Honey: its medicinal property and antibacterial activity”. This article was published in a leading scientific journal – Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, and has clearly stated many a times that manuka honey is actually different from all other types of honey.

1296x728_Everything_You_Should_Know_About_Manuka_HoneyIn the reports of this too, Manuka honey have been shown to have healing abilities suitable for the treatment of ulcers, infected wounds and burns. Several other benefits of the same have been backed by research and scientists are now agreeing that manuka honey is a storehouse of health enhancing and medicinal properties. Based on screening several research publications and assessing the traditional uses of this honey, we have come out with a list of manuka honey benefits that everyone should know. Have a look at some of the very crucial benefits of manuka honey.


Manuka honey improves wound healing abilities: Manuka honey is special because it fastens the wound healing process and help in repairing of the skin faster. In addition to this, you can also expect to stay away from any kind of external infection because of the anti bacterial properties present in the honey. Many scientists are these days claiming that manuka honey can help in healing the wounds in diabetic people.

This honey is good for oral health: Manuka honey saves you from bad breathe, and at the same time, it also prevents any germ infestation in the oral cavity. So, you can treat your dental problems while enjoying the sweet taste of the magical natural product.

Manuka honey is helpful in treating sore throat: All types of honey is proven to be effective in allergies and infections like common cold and cough also. But, manuka honey is even stronger in curing all these problems along with sore throat. Manuka honey is even more effective because of its higher antimicrobial action, thanks to the presence of MGO and other bioactive compounds besides the hydrogen peroxide found in other honeys.f789

Heal gastric ulcer faster with manuka honey: Because of the unmatchable and amazing wound healing abilities, manuka honey benefits also include healing of gastric ulcers. Yes, it has a positive impact on digestion and reduces the chances of problems like gastric ulcer etc, but, in case you are already suffering from it, this is the tastiest cure ever.

Help in indigestion: Be it lower levels of stomach acid, acid reflux, or something like small intestine bacterial over growth, manuka honey benefits can take care of everything related to your stomach. Another stomach related issue in which manuka honey can be beneficial is gastritis. Factor mainly responsible for creating such a condition are excessive use of alcohol, certain drugs like aspirin, frequent vomiting and sometimes just taking stress. Some other causes behind the disease are: Helicobacter pylori, bacteria that live in the mucous lining of the stomach; bile reflux, pernicious anemia, and certain infections.Rung-GUm-in-the-Morning

It is excellent treatment for skin problems: Taking into account its proven antimicrobial and healing properties, it makes every bit of sense to assume that honey can help with a lot of skin conditions. Acne and eczema are the two conditions that are impossible to treat with the help of medicinal cure and artificial beauty products. Still cosmetics selling under the claim of treating acne and eczema is a million dollar industry. But with manuka honey, things are different. You can easily get rid of acne and other infections on your skin. For this you have to apply the honey on the affected part.

Manuka honey boosts immune system: Manuka honey is a well of nutrition as it alone contains copper, iron, magnesium, amino acids, manganese, phosphorus, vitamin B, zinc, sodium and potassium. By providing your body all the required micronutrients, it prepares you for a healthy future. Meanwhile, your immunity also improves and hence you will not have tough time fighting with the diseases and common infections.manuka-honey-and-medicinal-powers

Manuka honey is effective in herpes: This is one of the most important benefits of manuka honey. You can get great relief in herpes with the use of manuka honey. First of all, the anti viral properties of manuka honey help in deactivating the herpes simplex virus. Secondly, the immunity enhancing abilities prevent any future herpes outbreaks. And last but not the least, the wound healing abilities are effective in treating cold sores.


Using-Manuka-Honey-for-EczemaPlenty of varieties are available in the market but, not all manuka honey is the same. You need to cautious while choosing the type of manuka honey. You can verify the originality of manuka honey with the help of UMF- Unique Manuka Factor. It is a global standard in identifying the antibacterial strength of manuka honey. Be it any brand, the manuka honey with UMF less than 10 is not something you should buy. And if you want the best go for the type assigned with a UMF higher than 15. If you are lucky enough to get pure manuka honey, be ready to see some surprising changes in your life and health. Next is how to use it efficiently. See, there is no thumb rule on how much manuka honey you should use and there is no maximum limit also. But, in case you are diabetic or allergic to honey, you should proceed only with the doctor’s advice. Infants should also be given manuka honey only after consulting the doctor.

honey-08You can use a good quality manuka honey directly on your skin, and can also eat it the way you wish to. Mixing a teaspoon of honey in a glass of hot milk is the most common way of taking in all the manuka honey benefits. You can also add it any of your sweet dish or simple lick a teaspoon every day. Whichever way you choose to use manuka honey, you should use it regularly. Yes, all the benefits of manuka honey are great, but you will get them only when you are determined to use the natural product religiously. You can get the right manuka honey from a nearby food store or ordering it online is also possible. But, the effectiveness will depend on how strong your intent is to stay healthy.

If that intent is strong enough, manuka honey benefits will change your life, but if you use it for a day or two and then keep it in the cupboard, it will not help. The benefits of manuka honey are tempting and you too would be eager to use the product straightaway. But, if you buy it, you must use it seriously and regularly. Your health and body needs something like manuka honey for survival in this polluted environment. So, take the crucial step towards a healthy and disease free future. Once you start using it, the manuka honey benefits will automatically make you addict of the product. And this addiction will show you completely different way of living your life- a life without medicine, a life without diseases, and a really long life without any stress.

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